Saddam Hussein (iraq) wrote,
Saddam Hussein

Son of a Quiche

All is good for the time being. The vote has been postponed due to disagreements on the resolution specifics. The funny thing is they act as if what it says really matters. But of course you never heard that from me. You all know all I really want is to comply and do what is right.. don't you? :o)

This whole situation is getting old. Although I must applaud mister Blix on keeping my drone on the downlow. He's not so bad.. for a Swede. But you Allah-damned Americans found it in the report anyway. I just sit here and get teary eyed sometimes. Reminiscing on the past 12 years I had to sit here and stock my arsenal, always taking those special times for granted. And now Billy Bob Bush wants to take it all away from me. WHY? WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU? Well, you know, aside from trying to assassinate your father. I'm sorry, I just get emotional when I think about my terroristic reign being overthrown. Oh well, it's not going to be as easy as you think it'll be. I'm almost insulted. Almost!

I also have to extend my thanks to President Chirac. He is a man among mice in this world. At the risk of an economic downfall, even. He is truly a man who should be bowed before, second to me of course. I found these pictures of my dear friend, I thought I would share them.

Now that I look more closely.. oh my. Now, now, mister Chirac, I hope that's not a kind of material the missus wouldn't approve of. You've brought enough shame upon your name in America already. Te he.

Well, I must run. This palace has daisy cutter written all over it. Deserts, desserts, and a bloody night bid.
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