Saddam Hussein (iraq) wrote,
Saddam Hussein

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It's been quite the busy week. I haven't had any Saddam-time. You know, murdering, baking, gardening, torturing, those kinds of things. Anyway, I've had no choice but to begin destroying my missles. It's almost like running over one of your children with a bulldozer. Not that I would really mind doing that to one of my children, but you get the picture. You may just disregard my attempt at trying to sound human.

Before I get back to destroying as few missles in a day as I can get away with, I noticed something. A few George Bushs have left me notes and I just don't know which is the real one. You mini-twits ought to know the real twit when you see him, yes? Let's try your little democratic game and have a vote. Which is the 'real' George W. Bush?


Time to go play 'hide the weenie' from the UN inspectors some more. Tata.
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