Saddam Hussein (iraq) wrote,
Saddam Hussein

Happy Valentine's day, American Infidels. Enjoy it while you can. Anyway, I cannot believe Usama decided to scold me in such a manner on the most recent audio tape. Has he no idea who he is talking about? I am Saddam Hussein! Butcher of Baghdad; Slayer of Civilians, LOVER OF LLAMAS. Wait, scratch that last one. Anyway, onto the matter at hand.

Does your twit President not understand how foolish it would be to attack me without United Nations approval? Come now, surely he won't send your country to it's suicide. Pshh, he swears like I've evaded UN resolutions like 50 times or something. It's only been.. -shuffles through documents-.. 17! Pop a Midol, Bush.

And that Blix.. you know, I invite him into my home for two days and this is how he repays me? He goes crying to the Security Council saying "OOHHH HE'S DOING BETTER BUT BETTER ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH." Please, you can't expect me to give up my murderous ways that quickly. Well I must depart. A few of my wives have stopped by.. you know what that means. -wink-
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